All of our rentals our now handled through our St.Mathews location at 315 Wallace Ave.  502-690-5908


violin and cello rental contract PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK FOR A CONTRACT.


Mark Edwards has over thirty five years of experience in the repair, restoration, and sales of all violin family instruments. Customers value our fast, quality service work and appreciate realistic pricing of fine, hand-carved instruments. All repair work, from bow rehairing to full restoration, is done in our shop. “I feel that word of mouth is my best advertising and service we provide after the sale is the foundation of my business. “ OUR RENT TO OWN PLAN! All sizes of violin or viola up to 14” are $18 + tax per month including maintenance. Violas 15” or larger are $24 per month and Cellos are $36 per month + tax. 100% of the first twelve months rent and 50% of subsequent months rent applies to the purchase of a full size instrument. All repairs are done in our shop. All instruments are expertly adjusted and free loaner instruments can be provided as needed. All of our High quality instruments include the following: – Perfect adjustment of bridge, sound post, pegs and bow. – Bow with real horse hair. – High quality case with attached nylon cover, or padded nylon bag for cello. – Perlon type strings – Tailpiece with 4 fine tuners. – Appropriate rosin. – Name tag. When the time comes to purchase a full size instrument, our shop maintains a large selection of stringed instruments that will fit your needs and those of your teacher. Learn more about our instruments, bows and services at For more information about our rental plan and other services, please contact Matt Lane at 502-239-2423.